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Data Asset Framework

Four steps to effective data management

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Northampton Uni DAF project

Miggie Pickton spoke about the Northampton DAF prjoect at the DCC's 7th RDMF. See her slides to see what they learned.

Practical implementation of DAF

The DAF Implementation Guide collates lessons from pilot studies and provides practical examples of questionnaires and interview frameworks.

The Data Asset Framework (DAF) provides organisations with the means to identify, locate, describe and assess how they are managing their research data assets.

DAF is a set of survey methods to enable data auditors to gather this information. DAF helps with planning a strategy to ensure research data produced in UK Higher Education Institutions are preserved and remains accessible in the long term.

DAF was created in a project led by HATII at the University of Glasgow. The methodology has been updated in light of feedback received from our users.

There is also a practical implementation guide which gives a basic overview to the survey method and provides a number of example questionnaires and interview frameworks that have been used.

Data Asset framework