New Version

A new version of the Data Asset Framework Online Tool is available now at http://www.data-audit.eu/tool2.

New users should register there rather than here.

Existing users should re-register there too (the process has been greatly improved). If you have any data entered in the old tool that you would like to transfer to the new one, please contact support@data-audit.eu.

Data Audit Framework Development Project

The Data Audit Framework proposal was conceived in direct response to recommendations made by Liz Lyon in the seminal JISC-commissioned report Dealing with Data: 'a framework must be conceived to enable all Universities and colleges to carry out an audit of departmental data collections, awareness, policies and practice for data curation and preservation.' The aim of the DAFD project is to develop and provide examples for a Data Audit Framework (DAF) adapted to the current needs of data curation activities in UK HE institutions. The project will develop a general solution as well as highlight, through case studies, differences caused by research field and organisation type. The DAF will enable institutions to find out what data they hold, where it is located, and who is (or is not) responsible for it, offer a tool for managing this information and sharing it with other institutions in a controlled environment.