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Data Asset Framework

Four steps to effective data management


The Data Audit Framework methodology was initially tested in four pilot audits at:

  • the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh;
  • the Innovative Design and Manufacturing Research Centre (IdMRC) at the University of Bath;
  • Glasgow University Archeological Research Division (GUARD) at the University of Glasgow;
  • the Centre for Computing in the Humanities at King's College London.

The lessons learned from these initial audits helped to guide development of the online tool.

Four implementation projects were completed which undertook several surveys each, and a number of early adopters tried out the tool. Their lessons and example questionnaires and interview frameworks are available in the Implementation Guide

Imperial College logoThe PI on the pilot implementation project at Imperial College London was Owen Stephens and project manager Neil Jerrome. Audits were completed in chemical engineering, physics and the business school, as detailed in the final report. The Imperial team trialled the full DAF framework in the initial audit but found creating an inventory very time consuming, so opted for an online survey and discursive interview approach in the remainder.

University College London logoThe PI on the pilot implementation project at University College London was Martin Moyle and project manager Panayiota Polydoratou. Six audits were completed across a range of subjects including Scandanavian studies, archaeology, physics and astronomy. Further details can be seen in the final report

King's College London logoThe PI on the pilot implementation project at King’s College London was Sheila Anderson and project manager Stephen Grace. Five audits were undertaken in the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, engineering and medical sciences. Further details of the King's pilot are available on the CeRCH website.

University of Edinburgh logoThe PI on the pilot implementation project at University of Edinburgh was Robin Rice, and project manager Cuna Ekmekcioglu. Audits took place in various schools, inlcuding Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Science, and Medicine and Veterinary Science. The final report including case studies of the five audits completed has been released.

The University of Southampton and University of Oxford have also used the Data Audit Framework as part of the DataShare project. Luis Martinez Uribe comments on using the methodology in his blog. The Oxford final report and Southampton findings from the audit in the School of Social Sciences are now available, as is a report from the University of Northampton which carried out a DAF study in 2010.

The Data Audit Framework has also attracted interest from other data initiatives such as the Australian National Data Service. The University of Oregon used the Framework for a needs assessment study and reported on this in Ariadne.

The methodology and online tool are freely available so you too can join the growing community of users. If you would like additional support, training is available through the DCC.

Data Asset Framework